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The Future Of Business Directories. More Innovation, More style only by repeated innovation,closely listening to customers and critiques and testing the limits our program and the technical developers remains the industry-leader for providing the most advanced directory solution on the market today.

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About Us

At, we’ve made helping small business owners our top priority.
Founded in 1899 by the architects of Delaware’s corporate laws, we have more than a century of experience. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of small business owners incorporate or form an LLC. When we say that we lead the industry in incorporation and LLC formation services, we mean it.
We’ll never stop looking for new services, partners, opportunities, and better ways to serve our customers. We hope that you’ll give us the opportunity to work with your company.
302-636-5400 x68459
251 Little Falls Dr.
Wilmington, DE 19808
United States

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We have exceeded our `{`goals for`}` how many people are going to our website, staying on our website and also calling us… We’ve always viewed our relationship with Marquette Business Directory as an investment to keep us current in our community and to keep us relevant and our brand out there.

Directory Information

Marquette Business Com is an introduction to our new business directory website. Business owners review the options we have designed to help you reach the public and build your online clientele. Read the benefits and information received with Marquette Business Directory a state-of-the-art User Interface for the dashboard. Carefully designed to do business with the most useful insights from a single pane of glass. Click Here to Read More

Be Confident Your Website Is Secure Online

Hosting Account Isolation
Utilizing a container based approach, accounts are provisioned with their own dedicated computing resources and secured virtual file system (Secure vFS). This ensures no single user can impact another regardless of site traffic or computing resource demands.

Linux Secure vFS
Developed at the kernel level, in combination with our account isolation technology, provides users with their own Secured virtualized File System. This ensures accounts on our platform are unable to see or access other accounts, helping to protect against malware and other malicious activity.

Real-Time Security Scanning
Utilizing kernel level file tracking, our systems can identify changed files and scan them for known malware signatures in real-time. Thanks to our Secure vFS framework, these changes can be immediately isolated to protect against malware from spreading.

Advanced Clustered Threat Analysis
A combination of proprietary and third party software allows our system administrators to have the ability to identify potential harmful attacks across our network to help develop security rules before a problem occurs.

Pro-active Server Monitoring
With Real-time monitoring of all critical services, our system administrators can identify potential problems before they occur, helping us to maintain 99.9% uptime.


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I’m con­vinced that with good design, the world would be a far better stim­u­lat­ing place; we would have something to mar­vel over and something to be nos­tal­gic about.
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MqtDirectPrint & Zazzle "If you can dream it, we're making the technology to do it."


Marquette Direct Print is an online retailer that allows users to upload images and create their own merchandise, or buy merchandise created by other users, as well as use images from participating companies. This store is designed to help new business owners create branding merchandise for online media opportunities. If you’re interested in creating a personalized gift for someone we can handle that too! Click Here! to visit The Disney Store Click Here!

The Last Minute

Everyone has a need to find your business at the last minute. Take advantage of placing your information within your directory page, this feature is very beneficial during the Holiday Season. Inform the public of Special items you are featuring at the last-minute before your Holiday sales hours expire while relying on your services for Last Minute gifts. From your Admin Dashboard Generate your leads for a specific category, tag (keyword) or feature in a specific location with different placements to maximize the opportunity and convenience of being found at The Last Minute.

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While building Marquette Business Directory we noticed our local charitable business open for Donations have the need for more of an internet presents. Our answer is to offer our services, Donating each with a Directory page of their own. Here are those we are helping.
Goodwill StorePak RatzThe RestoreThe Salvation ArmySt.Vincent De PaulUpper Sioux Community


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